Photocopiers from an external company are available for self-service in the Central University Library and in the Departmental Library. A student or staff ID card and a credit on the Papercut account are necessary to use the card-operated copiers for photocopying and printing.

The standard format is A4. Enlargements and reductions on this format are possible.

Copying for students or staff of the university

From November 2018, photocopying on the multifunctional copymachines in all facilities of the University Library is realized with the PaperCut system.
To use the photocopiers you must first charge money to your PaperCut account[de] via bank transfer. To make copies you must identify yourself at the photocopier with your student or staff ID card by placing it on the aerial next to the display.
A b/w copy costs 6 cents and a colour copy 20 cents.

Ordering photocopies

You also have the option of having copies or other reproductions made for you by the University Library. Charges for this service are made in compliance with the Fee Regulations.
Your contact for photocopying orders is the Service Desk.

Central University Library

Berthold-Beitz-Platz Campus

Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 10
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1515

Photocopier in the Departmental Library Photo: University Library

Printing from the network

Option 1: from the user PCs in the library (registration with university login and user account of the university library)
The desired document has to be selected and send to the printer "virtual-ricoh" (the only available printer). The PaperCut system asks for your user account (university login). The print job is now saved and the document can be printed at every multifunctional copymachine.


Option 2: from your own laptop
First you have to download and install the PaperCut-Client [de] on your laptop. Now the desired document can be send to the printer "virtual-ricoh". Attention: Your laptop has to be connected to the university network (eduroam, VPN)! The document can be printed at every multifunctional copymachine.


Please note: Every document is printed in colour if there are any colourful items (university logo, URL). You have to change to b/w-printing manually!