Service for academic staff members

The University Library gears its services to the needs of science. The active provision of information resources and help with their utilisation options for the staff members is one of the main tasks of the library.

Delivery service

Deliveries are made to: Music, Arts, Psychology, Law, Economics and all the Natural Science Institutes outside of the Beitzplatz campus.

All the reference books of the University Library, the Departmental Library and the interlibrary loans for the reading room are exepted from the delivery service.

Please note:
The date of the return to the library is deemed the return date and not when the media is deposited in the courier bag.

The ordered literature for members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Theology is available for collection in the Departmental Library.


A written proxy must be issued in advance if books are to be collected by student assistants. Collection rights are entered in the user account.
The library card of the person ordering the book is not required if books are collected at the desk. However, the person making the collection must identify him/herself.

If loans are made using the self-service machine, the library card of the person who placed the order must be read and is therefore absolutely necessary.

Form to authorize a proxy [de]

Loan period for academic staff members

The standard loan period is 30 days, even for academic staff members. If there is no reservation, the loan period is automatically extended 12 times. After the 5th extension, loan periods cannot be extended manually using the user account.

A reminder is sent by email 5 days before the 12th extension expires.
All books must be returned to the desk after the 12th extension of the loan period. By lending out the book again at the Service Desk, the status will be set back to loan and it will again be possible to renew the media up to 12 times. If the book is not returned within this period or not borrowed again, the regular reminder procedure, which is subject to a fee, will be initiated.

There are no automatic extensions of loan periods for interlibrary loans. The specified loan periods apply.

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