Information for doctoral students about the submission of the thesis

In compliance with the Doctoral Regulations of the University of Greifswald doctoral students are obliged to submit a mandatory number of copies of the thesis to the University Library.

Acceptence of theses

Theses (mandatory copies) can be submitted at the service desk of the Central University Library.

The dean's offices are informed as soon as possible of the receipt of the theses.

Form of publication

As a rule the thesis can either be published as a printed copy or in electronic form with a reduced number of printed copies. The Doctoral Regulations of the faculties provide information on the respective possible alternatives.

Doctorate/PhD- and Habilitation Regulations of the University of Greifswald [de]


The thesis must be submitted in the version approved by the Dean after assent of the first assessor and in consultation with the remaining assessors.

The names of the Dean of the faculty, the assessors and the date of the disputation must be entered on the second page.

As an option the thesis may also include the CV and the sworn declaration.
Please note that this information will be available worldwide after publication of your thesis (in particular in electronic form).

The printed copies must have a permanent binding. A proper soft cover (paperboard with adhesive binding) is sufficient. Ring or spiral binding, metal strips or only a plastic cover are not suitable for library purposes, as they do not stand up to the demands on use.

Please note

Only mandatory copies that fulfil the above-mentioned requirements are accepted.

Information on the submission of an electronic thesis

Electronic theses

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