Information on the submission of an electronic thesis

In compliance with the Doctoral Regulations, the University Library also offers the option of submitting a thesis in electronic form.

The number of paper copies is reduced in accordance with the respective faculty Doctoral Regulations.

Access to the OPUS Publication Server



The electronic thesis is made available online via the OPUS Publication Server. It can therefore be accessed worldwide and the full text can be used directly from the OPAC, the Discovery system or OPUS.


The dissertation must be uploaded in OPUS by the doctoral student himself . The document will be published on the publication server after a review and processing in the Acquisition/Cataloguing Department of the University Library. Therefor the library needs the “Declaration of the doctoral candidate for submitting a dissertation in electronic form” signed by the doctoral student. It must be ensured that the declaration is submitted to the University Library along with the printed copies of the thesis. This can be done in person or by post.

Please note

For the moment the University Library Greifswald only accepts theses in Portable Document Format (PDF). Password protection of the file is not permitted for long-term archiving. The size of the electronic thesis should not exceed 200 MB. It can however consist of several files, whose names must comply with the order of the chapters in the printed copy.

Please check carefully that the electronic thesis corresponds exactly to the paper version. No amendment is possible once the declaration form has been submitted!
Please note: Should you add your CV to the electronic version (optional), this can also be searched worldwide online!

Any later changes to electronically published theses that have to be made by library staff are subject to a fee compliance with the Fee Regulations of the University Library.


With the registration of the electronic publication of the thesis, the doctoral student transfers the right to the University Library Greifswald to make the thesis available online throughout the world.

For its part the University Library Greifswald guarantees to keep the electronic thesis accessible on its server for a minimum period of 7 years, however, only for as long as the thesis can be read electronically in Greifswald.

In order to ensure access is also guaranteed beyond this, the University Library Greifswald notifies the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek of the electronic thesis, which then carries out the technical conversion should changes be made to the computer system.

The author´s rights for any planned publication of the thesis remain with the doctoral student.

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