Carrels (Individual und Group Study Rooms)

In the Central University Library 24 individual carrels and 4 group carrels are provided free of charge for scientists and students. Key cards are issued at the service desk during all opening hours. The student ID or user ID will be accepted as pledge.

The individual carrels may only be used by one person.

The group carrels are available for 2-10 people. These can be reserved up to two weeks in advance for a maximum of 4 hours. The group carrels are equipped with whiteboards. Pens and erasers can be borrowed from the service desk. There is also a PC in carrel 1, a presentation monitor in carrel 2 and a smartboard in carrel 4. Equiment can be borrowed at the service desk.

12 individual carrels, 3 group carrels (for 2-6 people) and 2 single audio study rooms are available in the Departmental Library. Here, too, the reservation and the handover takes place at the service desk.

Passing on a carrel card or using the room by other people is expressly prohibited.

The carrel card can be returned at the service desk during the entire opening hours.

Regulations for the use of carrels [de]


Individual carrels in the Central University Library
Group carrels in the Departmental Library


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Service Desk Departmental Library

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