Interlibrary Loans

Books and journals that are not available at Greifswald´s libraries can be orded from external libraries.

Many interlibrary loans can be ordered online - via the

Union Catalogue

More information about online interlibrary loans


Orders for interlibrary loans that cannot be placed online can be placed in the conventional manner, by using the following form:

Conventional loan request for interlibrary loans (51 KB)
Pleas fill-in the form at your computer and submit the printed form to the Service Desk.


Leihverkehrsordnung (Regulations for Interlibrary Loans - LVO) for the Federal Republic of Germany - resolution made by the Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs) on 19/09/2003,in the version of 10/10/2008.

Regulations for Interlibrary Loans
The University Library is bound by the Federal Republic of Germany´s Leihverkehrsordnung (Regulations for Interlibrary Loans) and assumes obligations towards the lending library for every interlibrary loan. These obligations include, for example, the observation of the restrictions of use (only for use in the reading room, copies not allowed), the on-time return of books, the payment of postage and copying costs and adherence to the Gebührenordnungen (fee regulations).

Useful Tips


Documents can be ordered electronically as an online order in the Union Catalogue, or conventionally, using an interlibrary loan request form.


In the case of copy orders, the following has to be observed according to the Copyright Law of 01/03/2018:

  • For each copy order the orderer must confirm that he will use the duplication only for non-commercial purposes.
  • From books a maximum of 10% of the book size may be copied.
  • From kiosk magazines or newspapers no articles may be copied.
  • From scientific journals whole articles can still to be delivered.
Registration outside of the University´s network

Users who are outside of the University´s network when placing an order for an interlibrary loan, should login to the system prior to making their first search. This is possible via the function "interlibrary loan account". This is the only way that you can be recognised as a user of the University Library Greifswald, making it possible to place orders and, if the order is not successful, to place orders outside of the Union Catalogue.



The fee for ordering documents in the German interlibrary loan system amounts to € 1.50 per order and must be paid to the Service Desk of the Central University Library prior to placing the order.


Pickup of ordered documents

The user will receive a message via email or by post as soon as an ordered document has been delivered. The ordered documents can be collected from the Service Desk of the Central University Library, Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 10. Delivered books are listed in the user account of the OPAC system.
Interlibrary loans are available at the Service Desk for 10 days after their arrival.


Loan period

If not stated otherwise, the loan period is 30 days. It is not possible to renew the period. If the literature is not returned before the end of the loan period, fees are charged.
In certain cases, the lending library will restrict the interlibrary loan to use only in the reading room. It is then only available during the service hours at the Central University Library.


Returning books

The books can be returned at the Service Desks or via the drop-off machines. The red data card must remain in the book until it is returned. It is needed to process the book´s return to the lending library.
If the data card is lost, a handling fee of € 1.10 will be due.


International interlibrary loans

Media that is not available via interlibrary loans in Germany can be ordered through international interlibrary loans. This requires the submission of a library ticket.
The fee for an international interlibrary loan order is € 2.50.
It is generally not possible to lend books that have been ordered as international interlibrary loans, they can only be used in the University Library´s reading room.


You can also use the following form:

Conventional library ticket for interlibrary loans (51 KB)
Please fill-in the form at your computer and submit the printed form to the Service Desk.

Deletion of interlibrary loan accounts

Interlibrary loan accounts that are not used for a long time are regularly automatically deleted by the library network.
1. Accounts without credit will be deleted 24 months after the last login .
2. Interlibrary loan accounts, on which there is still a credit balance, are deleted after 3 years.
Manual deletion at the request of the user is possible at the service desk of the Central University Library.
Requests for deleted interlibrary loan accounts can be directed by mail to the interlibrary loan office.


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Account for online interlibrary loans

The required online account will be setup by the Service Desk.