Document Delivery Service Subito

Subito is a fee-based and fast document delivery service of academic libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Subito makes it possible to access literature (books and essays copies) quickly.

Depending on the kind of order (urgent or normal), processing takes between 1-3 days. The delivery time can take longer if you choose delivery by post.

Subito - Documents from Libraries


The user sets up a personal account with Subito.
After registration, he*she will receive a user ID number and a password, as well as a registration confirmation via email.

The second step is for the Subito office to activate the user account. For this to happen, a phone call must be made to +49 30 417497 10.

Research and Order

Users must login (button on the left-hand side) to the website to be able to search. After logging in, they will be on the mySubito page, where they can search for books and journals, or track orders.

When placing a Subito order, users make direct contact with the respective delivery library. University Library Greifswald´s Interlibrary Loan Office is not able to provide information about orders made by its library users at other delivery libraries.

Further information about registration, searches, orders and using Subito can be gained from the Subito office or the information sheet on display in the library.

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