Interlibrary Loan Account in the Commun Library Network (GBV)

Users at University Library Greifswald wanting to order literature via Interlibrary Loans can receive an account in the Library Network from the service desk.

The interlibrary loan account can be accessed via the Union Catalogue (via the very top menu on the screen). This is where users can access all of the important information about the user account:


  • displays the order number and the processing status for the interlibrary loans on order
  • The order number (A ...) is required for any enquiries about an order.


  • provides details about the account balance


  • displays the stored personal address and the library address
  • The service desk at the Central University Library should be informed immediately about any changes to this information.


  • allows users to change the intial preset password or a password that has already been saved

Password for online interlibrary loans

to the interlibrary loan account

Deletion of interlibrary loan accounts

Accounts that are not used for a long time are regularly automatically deleted by the Library Network:
1. Accounts without a deposit are deleted 24 months after the last login.
2. Interlibrary loan account with e deposit are deleted after 3 years.
The manual deletion at the request of the user is of course possible at any time at the service desk of the Central University Library.
Requests for deleted interlibrary loan accounts can be directed by email to the interlibrary loan office.


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