Interlibrary Loans outside GBV (VFL)

If there is no hit in the online union catalogue, a button appears for "Interlibrary Loan outside GBV (VFL)".

Die cross-network interlibrary loan searches through the network catalogues of the

- Bavarian Library Network
- Hessian Library Network
- Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg and
- NorthRhine Westphalian Library Network.


Ordering process for Interlibrary Loans outside GBV

  • A hit list is displayed within the respective networks and a short list with up to five titles.
  • You can switch to the full view by clicking on a title.
  • From this point onwards an interlibrary loan is initiated in the same way as it is within the GBV:
  • Click on "Loan request"/"Copy request" in the horizontal navigation bar.
  • Enter the user ID and the password for the online interlibrary loan.

There are no further costs for an order within the interlibrary loan outside GBV. Once you have made the order, a fee of € 1.50 will be charged to your interlibrary loan account.

If the literature you desire cannot be ordered via the union catalogue or the interlibrary loan outside GBV, it might be possible to procure it via a conventional interlibrary loan with a library ticket.

Activation of a interlibrary loan outside GBV is possible only within the network of the University Library of Greifswald.
Users who search in the union catalogue from a private computer cannot be assigned to any German library participating in the interlibrary loan system and the button for the interlibrary loan outside GBV will not be displayed.
There is an option for authenticating oneself for this service by logging in first to his*her interlibrary loan account before searching in the union catalogue.

However, a search must always be carried out in the union catalogue first.

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