Due to the corona pandemic using the PC workstations is not possible.

There are 88 PCs available to users for research purposes in the facilities of the University Library. Another 940 workstations are equipped with network access for the user´s own laptop.

Workstations in the foyer of the Central University Library

Central University Library

Berthold-Beitz-Platz Campus

Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 10
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1515

Standing PCs

Registration is not necessary for the standing PCs. Only the catalogues and websites of the University Library can be accessed on the welcome page of these PCs. All other internet addresses are ignored and switch you back to the home page.

The following are available:

  • Greifswald OPAC
  • the electronic Image Catalogue
  • the former subject catalogue
  • the GKV Union Catalogue
  • and the essay delivery service and the websites of the University Library.

User PCs

Access to the Internet and the electronic media is possible at the user PCs (seated) for members of the university.
Persons who are not members of the university will receive the message "access right refused" if they attemp to login. These people can only use the standing PCs for a reference search.

There are two steps for logging in to the user PCs:
1. The (Windows) login is carried out with the university login (xxx@uni-greifswald.de + password)
2. Once the user is logged into Windows, he/she must login with his/her own OPAC ID (number of the user account + password). The password must not include any umlauts or special characters.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on all public user PCs. This means that Word, Exel and Powerpoint are available for use. Once the user has logged into the PC with the personal university login, he/she has a network drive available (not "Documents" or "My Files") for saving files. Storage on a USB stick is also possible.

Electronic Reading Room
Access to the electronic reading room is possible for all members of the university at the user PCs (and only there). The full texts can be viewed for academic use. For legal reasons downloading or printing is currently not possible.

Use one´s own laptop (only for members of the university)

1. with LAN cable
Almost all desks have an outlet and a jack for the network connection.
Requirements for working in the network include:
- an operating system (Windows, Mac)
- a network card (network adapter) in the laptop
- a network cable (not a crossover cable)
- a university login.

Network cables (LAN cables) are sold at the Service Desk of the Central University Library at a price of € 2.60.

2. with Wireless-LAN (radio connection)
Every members of the university receives access to the University´s Wifi network with his/her university email address and corresponding password.
More information about configuration:

The Wifi network "eduroam"