Internet Access in the University Library

Wireless LAN

For legal reasons access to the Internet via wireless LAN "eduroam" (education roaming) is restricted to members of the university.


Please adapt the configuration of your Wifi devices (laptops, mobile phones, etc.) in compliance with the detailed University Computer Centre Web documentation.

Guidelines for the use of the eduroam Wifi network

Use of wireless LAN in the university buildings

Advice and installation instructions for integrating notebooks in the wireless LAN are available for staff members and students of the university at the Service Point of the University Computer Centre.

Opening hours of the University Computer Centre´s Service Point

Members of other academic institutions can use the Wifi network in the University Library if these institutions are also connected to the eduroam network. However, this does not enable access to the licensed electronic resources of the University Library of Greifswald.

Use of the Internet on user PCs

Use of the Internet on the PC workstations in all facilities is possible for memebers of the university.

User PCs

Use of one´s own laptop

Option 1: with LAN cable
Almost all desks have an outled and a jack for the network connection.
Requirements for working in the network include:
- an operating system (Windows, Mac)
- a network card (network adapter) in the laptop
- a network cable (not a crossover cable)
- a university login.

Network cables (LAN cables) are sold at the Service Desk of the Central University Library at a price of € 2.60.

Option 2: with wireless LAN (radio connection)
Every member of the university receives access to the Wifi network of the university with his/her university email adress and corresponding password.
More information about configuration:

The Wifi network "eduroam"