Publication Fund

The University of Greifswald introduced the Publication Fund on the 01/01/2018, which is mainly funded by the DFG, and can be used by its members to cover publication fees for articles to appear in Open Access journals.

1.1. Funding Requirements
  • The publication must be in a real Open Access journal, which applies recognised, strict quality-assurance procedures in the respective subject area.
  • The publication fee (APC) does not exceed 2,000 euros (incl. 19% VAT), i.e. € 1,680 before tax. Partial financing of higher publication costs is not possible. If your aspected APCs exceed 2,000 euros, please contact the Open Access Officer Stefanie Bollin.
  • The ‘submitting author’ or ‘corresponding author’ is a member of the University of Greifswald.
  • The publication fee cannot be covered by departmental or external funds.
  • The maximum grant per author per year amounts to 2,000 euros. If sufficient funds are still available on the cut-off date (1st September), funding that exceeds the usual maximum grant amount can be granted under specific circumstances.
  • If the costs are being covered by funding, the grant (incl. project no.) must be mentioned in the article.
    Example for German text: "Die Open-Access-Publikationskosten wurden gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, 393148499) und den Open-Access-Publikationsfonds der Universität Greifswald."
    Example for English text: "We acknowledge support for the Article Processing Charge from the DFG  (German Research Foundation, 393148499) and the Open Access Publication Fund of the University of Greifswald."
  • The funded publication will also be stored in the University Library’s repository
1.2. Current Expenditure

The following are currently available for 2021:

  • for the University Medicine Greifswald: all funds are tied up
  • for the University of Greifswald: € 7.482 €

It currently contains 29 articles marked for publication (14 for university medicine, 15 for the university).

In accordance with the eligibility criteria and the distribution key, decisions on applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis.


1.3. Earmarking Function

This allows you to earmark your publication for funding through the Publication Fund. This is recommended in particular, if you need security for financing. After the publisher's commitment, you have to submit the regular application.

Earmarks [de]

1.4. Invoice Details

Please provide the publisher with the following invoice address:

Author (= submitting author)
Universität Greifswald or Universitätsmedizin Greifswald
Road name & no.
17489 Greifswald

Foreign invoices also require the University of Greifswald’s VAT identification number (VAT: DE 137 584 813) or, if applicable, that of University Medicine Greifswald (VAT: DE 227 825 354) and the VAT no. of the publisher. The invoice amount must be indicated as a net amount.

1.5. Application Form

Please fill in the application form [de]. Applications may only be submitted if the publisher has agreed to publish the article or an invoice has been received. If this is not yet the case, you can use the earmark function.
Once your application has been checked, you will receive an answer within one week.

1.6. Distribution Key according to Faculties

The Open Access Publication Fund should encourage scholars from all subject areas to publish articles in Open Access journals. That’s why the funds are spread across the faculties.
The distribution key is based on the analysis of the number of publications in 2015 and 2016 and is updated annually according to the current publication numbers and after consultation with the faculties.

Distribution key for the University of Greifswald’s Open Access Publication Fund [de]

Irrespective of the proportion of publications, the funds should cover at least 2 Open Access articles per faculty per year. If a faculty’s quota has not been fully used by the cut-off day on the 1st September, the funds will be released for the other faculties.

1.7. Funded Articles
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Maaß, Sandra; Otto, Andreas; Albrecht, Dirk; Riedel, Katharina; Trautwein-Schult, Anke; Becher, Dörte (2018): Proteomic Signatures of Clostridium difficile Stressed with Metronidazole, Vancomycin, or Fidaxomicin. In: Cells 7 (11). DOI:

Surur, Abdrrahman S.; Beirow, Kristin; Bock, Christian; Schulig, Lukas; Kindermann, Markus K.; Bodtke, Anja et al. (2019): Flupirtine Analogues: Explorative Synthesis and Influence of Chemical Structure on KV7.2/KV7.3 Channel Opening Activity. In: ChemistryOpen 8 (1), S. 41-44. DOI:

Hosang, Thomas J; Fischer, Rico; Pomp, Jennifer; Liepelt, Roman (2018): Dual-Tasking in the Near-Hand Space: Effects of Stimulus-Hand Proximity on Between-Task Shifts in the Psychological Refractory Period Paradigm. In: Front. Psychol. 9, S. 1035. DOI:

Martens, Ulrike; Huebner, Torsten; Ulrichs, Henning; Reimer, Oliver; Kuschel, Timo; Tamming, Ronnie R. et al. (2018): Anomalous Nernst effect and three-dimensional temperature gradients in magnetic tunnel junctions. In: Commun Phys 1 (1), S. 391. DOI:

Ranjan, Amit; Scholz, Julia; Semmler, Torsten; Wieler, Lothar H.; Ewers, Christa; Müller, Stefanie et al. (2018): ESBL-plasmid carriage in E. coli enhances in vitro bacterial competition fitness and serum resistance in some strains of pandemic sequence types without overall fitness cost. In: Gut pathogens 10, S. 24 DOI:

Trautwein-Schult, Anke; Maaß, Sandra; Plate, Kristina; Otto, Andreas; Becher, Dörte (2018): A Metabolic Labeling Strategy for Relative Protein Quantification in Clostridioides difficile. In: Frontiers in microbiology 9, S. 2371. DOI:

Hildebrandt, Andrea; Kaltwasser, Laura; Mikac, Una; Busko, Vesna (2018): Corrigendum: No Robust Association between Static Makers of Testosterone and Facets of Socio-Economic Decision Making. In: Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 12, p. 32. DOI:


Hoffmann, Christoph G.; Savigny, Christian von (2019): Indications for a potential synchronization between the phase evolution of the Madden-Julian oscillation and the solar 27-day cycle. In: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 19 (7), S. 4235-4256. DOI:

Kreyling, Juergen; Puechmaille, Sébastian J.; Malyshev, Andrey V.; Valladares, Fernando (2019): Phenotypic plasticity closely linked to climate at origin and resulting in increased mortality under warming and frost stress in a common grass. In: Ecology and evolution 9 (3), S. 1344-1352. DOI:

Wendt, Julia; Lischke, Alexander; Pahnke, Rike; König, Jörg; Homuth, Georg; Hamm, Alfons O. (2018): COMTVal158Met Genotype Affects Complex Emotion Recognition in Healthy Men and Women. In: Frontiers in neuroscience 12, S. 100. DOI:

Lischke, Alexander; Weippert, Matthias; Mau-Moeller, Anett; Päschke, Stefanie; Jacksteit, Robert; Hamm, Alfons O.; Pahnke, Rike (2018): Sex-specific Associations Between Inter-Individual Differences in Heart Rate Variability and Inter-Individual Differences in Emotion Regulation. In: Frontiers in neuroscience 12, S. 1040. DOI:

Lischke, Alexander; Pahnke, Rike; Mau-Moeller, Anett; Junge, Martin; Wendt, Julia; Weymar, Mathias; Hamm, Alfons O. (2018): Oral Contraceptives Impair Complex Emotion Recognition in Healthy Women. In: Frontiers in neuroscience 12, S. 1041. DOI:

Savigny, Christian von; Peters, Dieter H.W.; Entzian, Günther (2019): Solar 27-day signature in standard phase height measurements above central Europe. In: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 19(3), S. 2079-2093. DOI:

Sievers, Susanne; Metzendorf, Nicole G.; Dittmann, Silvia; Troitzsch, Daniel; Gast, Viola; Tröger, Sophie Marlen et al. (2019): Differential View on the Bile Acid Stress Response of Clostridioides difficile. In: Frontiers in microbiology 10, S. 258. DOI:

Jürgen, Britta; Trung, Nguyen Thanh; Hung, Nguyen Minh; Thuan, Nguyen Huy; Canh, Nguyen Xuan; Schweder, Thomas (2019): An auto-inducible phosphate-controlled expression system of Bacillus licheniformis. In: BMC biotechnology 19(1), S. 3. DOI:

Hildebrandt, Jan-Peter; Ziesemer, Sabine; Möller, Nils; Nitsch, Andreas; Müller, Christian; Beule, Achim G. (2019): Sphingomyelin Depletion from Plasma Membranes of Human Airway Epithelial Cells Completely Abrogates the Deleterious Actions of S. aureus Alpha-Toxin. In: Toxins 11(2). DOI:

Hofstetter, Robert K.; Potlitz, Felix; Schulig, Lukas; Kim, Simon; Hasan, Mahmoud; Link, Andreas (2019): Subcritical Fluid Chromatography at Sub-Ambient Temperatures for the Chiral Resolution of Ketamine Metabolites with Rapid-Onset Antidepressant Effects. In: Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 24(10). DOI:

Lange, Carsten; Lehmann, Christiane; Mahler, Martin; Bednarski, Patrick J. (2019): Comparison of Cellular Death Pathways after mTHPC-mediated Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in Five Human Cancer Cell Lines. In: Cancers 11 (5). DOI:

Börner; Andreas; Gehrmann, Anna; Hüneke, Heiko; Kenzler, Michael; Lorenz, Sebastian (2019): The Quaternary sequence of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: areas of specific interest and ongoing investigations. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 1-10. DOI:

Brauer, Achim; Schwab, Markus J.; Brademann, Brian; Pinkerneil, Sylvia; Theuerkauf, Martin (2019): Tiefer See - a key site for lake sediment research in NE Germany. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 89-93. DOI:

Brumme, Johannes; Hüneke, Heiko; Phillips, Emrys (2019): Micromorphology and clast microfabrics of subglacial traction tills at the sea cliff Dwasieden: evidence of polyphase syn- ans post-depositional deformation. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 51-60. DOI:

Esaifan, Muayad; Warr, Laurence N.; Grathoff, Georg; Meyer, Tammo; Schafmeister, Maria-Theresia; Kruth, Angela; Testrich, Holger (2019): Synthesis of Hydroxy-Sodalite/Cancrinite Zeolites from Calcite-Bearing Kaolin for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions in Aqueous Media. In: Minerals 9(8), S. 484. DOI:

Kenzler, Michael; Hüneke, Heiko (2019): Sea cliff at Glowe: stratigraphy and absolute age chronology of the Jasmund Pleistocene sedimentary record. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 43-50. DOI:

Küster, Mathias (2019): The Müritzeum in Waren (Müritz): natural history museum and modern nature discovery centre. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 77-81. DOI:

Lidke, Gundula; Lorenz, Sebastian (2019): The Bronze Age battlefield in the Tollense Valley - conflict archaeology and Holocene landscape reconstruction. In. DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 69-75. DOI:

Lorenz, Sebastian; Rother, Henrik; Kenzler, Michael; Kaphengst, Sara (2019): Late Glacial to Holocene dune development at southern Krakower See. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 83-88. DOI:

Harzsch, Stefan; Machon, Julia; Krieger, Jakob; Meth, Rebecca; Zbinden, Magali; Ravaux, Juliette; Montagné, Nicolas et al. (2019): Neuroanatomy of a hydrothermal vent shrimp provides insights into the evolution of crustacean integrative brain centers. In: eLife 8. DOI:

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Gehrmann, Anna; Meschede, Martin; Hüneke, Heiko; Pedersen, Stig A. Schack (2019): Sea cliff at Kieler Ufer (Pleistocene stripes 11-16) - large-scale architecture and kinematics of the Jasmund Glacitectonic Complex. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 19-27. DOI:

Mehlhorn, Paul; Winkler, Laura; Grabbe, Franziska-Charlotte; Kenzler, Michael; Gehrmann, Anna; Hüneke, Heiko; Rother, Henrik (2019): Coastal cliff at Lenzer Bach on Jasmund Peninsula, Rügen Island (Pleistocene Stripe 4): reconstructed history of glacitectonic deformation based on fold geometry and microstructural mapping. In: DEUQUA Spec. Pub. 2, S. 35-41. DOI:

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Kreyling, Juergen; Grant, Kerstin; Hammerl, Verena; Arfin-Khan, Mohammed A.S.; Malyshev, Andrey V.; Penuelas, Josep et al. (2019): Winter warming is ecologically more relevant than summer warming in a cool-temperate grassland. In: Scientific reports 9 (1), S. 1432. DOI:

Sheffer, Monica M.; Uhl, Gabriele; Prost, Stefan; Lueders, Tillmann; Urich, Tim; Bengtsson, Mia M. (2019): Tissue- and Population-Level Microbiome Analysis of the Wasp Spider Argiope bruennichi Identified a Novel Dominant Bacterial Symbiont. In: Microorganisms 8 (1). DOI:


Ghazisaeedi, Fereshteh; Ciesinski, L.; Bednorz, C.; Johanns, V.; Pieper, L.; Tedin, K., Günther, S. et al. (2020): Phenotypic zinc resistance does not correlate with antimicrobial multi-resistance in fecal E. coli isolates of piglets. In: Gut pathogens 12, S. 4. DOI:

Heiden, Stefan E.; Kurz, Mathis S. E.; Bohnert, Jürgen; Bayingana, Claude; Ndoli, Jules M.; Sendegeya, Augustin; Schaufler, Katharina et al. (2020): Flies from a tertiary hospital in Rwanda carry multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens including extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing E. coli sequence type 131. In: Antimicrobial resistance and infection control 9 (1), S. 34. DOI:

Hinzke, Tjorven; Kleiner, Manuel; Breusing, Corinna; Felbeck, Horst; Häsler, Robert; Sievert, Stefan M., Markert, Stephanie et al. (2019): Host-Microbe Interactions in the Chemosynthetic Riftia pachyptila Symbiosis. In: mBio 10 (6). DOI:

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Hollandt, Maike; Wroblewski, Adrian; Yang, Yunbo; Ridderbuch, Isabelle C.; Kircher, Tilo; Hamm, Alfons O. et al. (2020): Facilitating translational science in anxiety disorders by adjusting extinction training in the laboratory to exposure-based therapy procedures. In: Translational psychiatry 10(1), S. 110. DOI:

Markwart, Henriette; Bomba, Franziska; Menrath, Ingo; Brenk-Franz, Katja; Ernst, Gundula; Thyen, Ute et al. (2020): Assessing empowerment as multidimensional outcome of a patient education program for adolescents with chronic conditions: A latent difference score model. In: Plos one 15 (4), e0230659. DOI:

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Voß, Franziska; van Beek, Lucille F.; Schwudke, Dominik; Ederveen, Thomas H.A.: van Opzeeland, Fred J.; Thalheim, Daniela et al. (2020): Lipidation of Pneumococcal Antigens Leads to Improved Immunogenicity and Protection. In: Vaccines 8 (20). DOI:

Weil, Micha; Wang, Haitao; Bengtsson, Mia; Köhn, Daniel; Günther, Anke; Jurasinski, Gerald et al. (2020): Long-Term Rewetting of Three Formerly Drained Peatlands Drives Congruent Compositional Changes in Pro- and Eukaryotic Soil Microbiomes through Environmental Filtering. In: Microorganisms 8 (4). DOI:

Faculty of Law and Economics

Neudert, Regina; Allahverdiyeva, Naiba; Mammadov, Niyaz, Didebulidze, Alexandre; Bleckmann, Volker (2020): Diversification of Livestock-Keeping Smallholders in Mountainous Rural Regions of Azerbaijan and Georgia. In: Land 9 (8), S. 267. DOI:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Hansen, Mascha (2019): “Acorns and berries afford me sufficient nourishment”: an ecocritical reading of the monstrous in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls. In: Palgrave Commun 5 (1). DOI:

University Medicine

Salloch, Sabine; Apitz, Birgit; Wilkesmann, Maximiliane; Ruiner, Caroline (2018): Locum physicians' professional ethos. A qualitative interview study from Germany. In: BMC health services research 18 (1), p. 333. DOI:


Ulbricht, Sabina; Gross, Stefan; Brammen, Eva; Weymar, Franziska; John, Ulrich; Meyer, Christian; Dörr, Marcus (2018): Effect of blood pressure and total cholesterol measurement on risk prediction using the Systematic COronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE). In: BMC cardiovascular disorders 18 (1), p. 84. DOI:


Holtfreter, Birte; Göhler, André; Samietz, Stefanie; Schmidt, Carsten Oliver; Kocher, Thomas; Steinmetz, Ivo (2018): Comparison of Oral Microbe Quantities from Tongue Samples and Subgingival Pockets. In: International Journal of Dentistriy 2018 (7402), p. 1-10. DOI:


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Stahl, Benjamin; Darkow, Robert; Podewils, Viola von; Meinzer, Marcus; Grittner, Ulrike; Reinhold, Thomas et al. (2019): Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Enhance Training Effectiveness in Chronic Post-Stroke Aphasia: A Randomized Controlled Trail Protocol. In: Frontiers in Neurology 10. DOI:

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